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Have Fun in Style!

Don't get stuck in a box. Let the fun out with our stylized open air photobooths. Curating some of the coolest themed photo booths - including the super popular Bellows photo booth.  Yes, that is a real large frame camera.  We think Ansel Adams used it once.  

We have several booths that can be styled with any theme you can imagine. Develop your own creative expressions in this pop-up photographic studio. All of the backdrops are high end backdrops you would find in a fashionable studio.

Choose your Box

Options between open air Bellows Box, Modern Chic Whiteinflatable LED booth, Blue Robot or the black or white Furry Monster. Each booth sports an integrated touch screen that allows guests to see themselves in live view before she gets snapping.                   

Photo Emporium-1970Bellows Booth Photo Emporium White Chic-0015Modern Chic White Photo Emporium Red Carpet-1310Inflatable LED Box Blue RobotBlue Robot Furry MonsterFurry Monster

Choose your Background: 

The backdrop and propbox is as creative and stylish as you are. Choose between: Great Gatsby, Garden Gothic, Beach Days, Rose Gold, Rock the 80s, Talkeenta, My New England or let's design a theme together.  We even have a fashionable background effect called high key (light from back) that fits with any style party.  

Great GatsbyGreat Gatsby Gothic Garden BGGothic Garden BG Rose Gold SequinsRose Gold Sequins 80s Rocks80s Rocks Rainbow SequinsRainbow Sequins Gold SequinGold Sequin High Key 4High Key 4 ChevronChevron Teal Green HeartsTeal Green Hearts UmbrellaUmbrella

Basic Hire Includes:

  • Fun Photo Attendant. 

  • Stylized Theme = Backdrop & Propbox & Custom photo template

  • Unlimited Prints: 6x4" professional quality, dry & ready to pocket printed photos in less than 10 seconds

  • On-line Gallery & High Resolution Images. Access the composite and single images on an online gallery within 12 hours of your event end.

  • Custom Template. Whether it's Harry Potter, Great Gatsby or Surf's Up, we will create a template that perfectly matches you and your 4 pictures.

  • Social & Print Media Kiosk: Send directly to email, Text, Facebook posts, or Twitter. See all of the other hilarious pictures of your friends. 

Social Media KioskSocial Media Kiosk Social Media Kiosk 2Social Media Kiosk 2 Social Media Kiosk 3Social Media Kiosk 3

SAHS Prom 2017-4120SAHS Prom 2017-4120



Let's chat business for a second. It takes a bit to setup and tear down, which ties up the booth for the entire evening. Because of that, you get the booth all evening. The scenes are top level, and the props are actual vintage pieces. Book a stunning photo booth that guarantees laughs and giggles. You will be the talk of the town!   Contact me for pricing and availability or Call 907.830.7622.  


Extras: Guest Book, Booth Branding, Photo Book, Multi-day setups, Step/Repeat Banners. 

Guests will not stop talking about the Slo Mo Video Booth if you want something completely different.

Photo Emporium

Photo Emporium v2-1537Photo Emporium v2-1537

Masters Holiday 2016-0395Masters Holiday 2016-0395 ADP Heart of Anchorage 2017-6690ADP Heart of Anchorage 2017-6690

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photo emporium?

A backdrop, a box of the coolest props imaginable and a very clever photo taking machine – choose between Vintage, Chic White or Video Slo-Mo

Do the images print instantly?

You betcha. It's like Magic - printing in only 10 seconds.

How may people can you fit in these emporiums?

All of them. We don't limit your creativity. Fifteen is a good number. I dare you to get 30.

Can we customize the prints?

Absolutely. Whatcha want? A watermark? A kiss? 

Who takes the photos?

You control it.  With a little touchscreen you have the power, my he-man.

Can we have our photos uploaded to facebook?

You sure want to be posted in that photo?! With a simple click, you can share your photographs online.

Will I be the talk of the town?

No doubt.


ps. Need a wedding or event photographer? Matt is known for his dynamic and honest style. He can capture the best of your wedding, and the best parts of you.  If you ever get to meet him, you'll see why the business is so much fun. Check out

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