Red Carpet Photography

(with instant prints)

Provide your guests a beautiful image of themselves. People only get dressed up once a year, and we capture their image better than any selfie ever could.  

Your guests will walk away with a Studio Produced picture in hand.  

We instantly print 4x6 or 5x7 images posed professionally on the Red Carpet - yes, an actual red carpet.

Smokehouse Gala Red Carpet 2016-3-16Smokehouse Gala Red Carpet 2016-3-16 BSNC Holiday Red Carpet 2016-3-7BSNC Holiday Red Carpet 2016-3-7

Instant Printing 

Professional prints in only 10 seconds. Within minutes your pictures will pop out of our printer. Print/Email/Text your photos instantly with the Social/Print Kiosk.

ADP Heart of Anchorage 2017-6336ADP Heart of Anchorage 2017-6336 ADP Heart of Anchorage 2017-6837ADP Heart of Anchorage 2017-6837

Basic Hire: 

  • Professional photographer who will quickly pose your guests and take stunning and flattering photographs

  • Print Kiosk. In 10 seconds you will have gallery quality images ready to view. You can also instantly email, text, Facebook or print additional prints.   And the guests do not have to pay for the prints or extra prints. 

  • Red Carpet. I have a 8'x10' red carpet that makes any area look good

  • Studio lights and softboxes and stands. One of the reasons you look so darn good is because we own the best gear.  

  • Branding. We can add your logo and event name in the lower third, or some other creative graphic.  

  • Digital Prints. We provide the high res images in an online gallery, and low res images in a dropbox. 

Hard Rock Cafe - Red Rocktail Party low res-61Hard Rock Cafe - Red Rocktail Party low res-61 BSNC Holiday Red Carpet 2016-0291BSNC Holiday Red Carpet 2016-0291


  • Red Carpet with InstaPrint & Social Media Kiosk with Pro Photographer: $1050. 

  • Backdrop rental: $100

  • 5x7 Print Upgrade: $100

  • Step & Repeat Banner with custom design. normally $450

  • Add a photobooth and receive a significant discount.

  • Over 400 guests? I suggest an additional attendant and Social Kiosk. $425

  • Add an event photographer to your event for $595. 

Book It!  Call or Text 907.830.7622.

Red Carpet

Smokehouse Gala Red Carpet 2016-3-12Smokehouse Gala Red Carpet 2016-3-12

Let's Take It Outside

Is your event outside? No access to power? Don't have internet? No Problem! We can rely on battery power. We use our flashes to overpower the sun and get rid of those harsh shadows. Generators run the printer. 

AHA Heart Run 2017-91AHA Heart Run 2017-91 AHA Heart Run 2017-93AHA Heart Run 2017-93


  • How much space do you need? The carpet is 8x10 and I like a little breathing room, so let's say 12'x15'.

  • Can you put my logo on the instant print? You bet. We can cover the image with your branding. What better way to make you look beautiful than with beautiful standing in front. 

  • How many prints do guests get? I will automatically print one of each good picture. If guests want more they just click Print using the Print Kiosk. They can come back all night to view their photos.  

  • How do guests get images if they missed picking up their image? Hopefully they won't with the print kiosk, but alas, sometimes guests miss it. Within a day the images will be on my site ready to view.  They can download the digital files or print from the site.

  • Do you have to edit them afterward? Not to sound bragadocious, but I kinda know what I am doing, and do not need to edit the photos afterward.  I quickly run through them and straighten them, but that is usually all that is needed.