Slo-Mo Video Booth

Recorded in 240 frames per second in full high-def 1080p will show

the entire world how much fun you had at your wedding or epic party.

Here is an example of how much fun you can have

Slo Mo Video Booth Photo Emporium

So what do you have? Cool dance moves, popping confetti, silly faces, or the epic skin warp? We bring all the flying props you need for a kickin good time.  

How does this work? 

Lots of themes to choose from.  We are an emporium after all.  We currently have many backgrounds and propboxes in stock and can help you with many others.  Check out all the backgrounds in the photobooth page. If you are going to get messy, then we suggest a seamless backdrop. We have lots of colors to choose from.  Oh, and you have to check out the blacklight setup. 

Basic Hire Includes

  • Three minute video edited and set to kickin' music.

  • Print Kiosk to print screen shots of your hilarious video

  • Social Media Kiosk to share your ridiculous mugs

  • Online video access for the world to see your amazing creation

  • One Amazingly Fun Person. One Cinematographer to run the gear and one Director to coach you to make you even more awesome. 

  • Digital File Access to all of the files aka. raw footage.


Basic pricing starts at $1450 with a lot of cool features depending on editing requirements.


  • Blacklight. Party in the dark. add $495.  

  • Step & Repeat Banner. normally $350

  • Partner with a photobooth or Red Carpet, and receive a significant discount. 

  • Add an event photographer to your event for $595. 

  • Add a videographer to document your event starting at $895. Includes editing.


Book It or Call 907.830.7622

To have a kickin good time, contact us for more information and availability. 

Wedding Fair Slomo


Questions Frequently Asked

  • How many people can I fit in my booth?  Oh, I'd say you could get 15 people in there. I dare you to try 30. 

  • What Props are included for SloMo Video Booths? All of them. Ok, I jest. We bring in a few themed props based on background selection, but also the magic. We will have glitter, confetti poppers, silly string and other really cool things. This is all about action so we aim our props on things that your guests will do.  Consider cleanup when bringing in props. Glitter is easy to sweep up. Liquids stain and are ruin the confetti.

  • Who runs the booth? This is all incredibly complicated gear so we do have a professional videographer on hand. Almost more importantly, we have a Director who shows you exactly how to make an amazing video.

  • How much space do you need? Ideally we like to have about a 10x15 foot space.  We need regular 110v of power too.  


Need a videographer? Matt can make you a wedding film that showcases every feeling you felt on that day.  Check out some of his work here. Enjoy this little teaser of one of his videos:

Newman Wedding Teaser