Dozens of Backdrops

What's your flavor? Every photo booth comes with a backdrop. Don't see what you want? I'm sure I can get it for you.

Gold Sequin

Classic Gold always wins

Rose Gold

Perfect for that amazing day

Pink Ombre

This is just lovely

Rainbow Sequin

So much good with this backdrop

Peacock Mermaid Sequin

It's not green it's peacock.

Pink Sequin

Yes! Pink is best.

Red / Silver Mermaid Sequin

hmmm, looks like peppermint

Steel Sequin

Not quite silver, certainly not gold. It's strong steel - could we say platinum?!

Silver / White Mermaid Sequin

Write sweet designs in this cool sequin backdrop

Copper Chevron Sequin

Silver, copper, steel, platinum. Yes it has all of them.

Gatsby Sequin

The classiest Gatsby party needs this

Blue / Gold Mermaid Sequin

Stellar for Christmas or that bride that couldn't decide between gold or blue.

Pillow Case Backdrops

These are graphic printed backdrops on a stretch fabric. There are no wrinkles allowed on these gems. We can print any graphic you need. Need a specific enchanted forest or theme that you don't see here?! We can create one for you.

White Leather Couch

Classy and exquisite.

Lovable Bear

So cuddly but I'll let you.

Moose and Mountains

Classic Alaska


Splash zone!

Snowy Mountains

So sunny but oh so cold

Wavy Wave

Perfect for your little skipper

Watercolor Flowers

It's so pretty

Watercolor Love

Fall under its spell

Paper Heart

Origami talent


It's just a regular day at the beach.

Day of the Flowers

Paisley, black and all the good stuff.


Ever so fancy.

Cats and Lasers

Remember the school portraits in the 80s?

Triangles Grunge

Kinda Nirvana Kinda Geometry


Straight ougtta the 90s

Graffiti Wall

Not Nirvana but definitely Pearl Jam

Tron Sun

Ride off into the digital sunset

Under the Sea

This is Ariels favorite


True to the Blue

Olympic Blue

'merica for the Gold

Olympic Rings

Go Kikkan!


so much tie die love

Blue Squares

Blue and Squares. That's all.

Brick Bash

Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.

Gatsby Shell

The pillowcase version of the classic Gatsby


Simple. Lines. Gold. Epic.

Marbled Geometric Gold

Same yet with marble

Buffalo Plaid

Goes great with a 3 stack lumberjack

Angular Rainbow

Funky and fun.

Green Hedges

Perfectly pruned for your pleasure.

Dark Wood with Lights

It's like your in a barn but your not.

Big Red Star

A Holiday Classic

Red Bells

Merry Merry

Ugly Sweater

The perfect addition to your ugly sweater party

Christmas Hanging Stars

Classic and Sparkly

Christmas Fur and Wood

Welcome Home.



Alaskan Raven Map

Here and back again

Big Dipper

Eight stars of gold on a field of blue

Aurora Nights

So many pretty colors

Warp Speed

Make it so Number 1.

Death Star

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force.

Make a Wish

Well, I see big adventures coming their way!

Light Sabers

Do or do not there is no try!

Superhero Town

DC or Marvel universe?

Mugshot Booth 1

What did you do to get in here?

Mugshot Booth 2

Line em up boys

Wine and Crystal

Just a little please.


So tasty and colorful

Cupcake Wall

Sorry, these are not edible

Pineapple Express

Just in for summer



Color and Color

Sometimes the best backdrop is a simple plain backdrop. We have plenty of colors to choose from. If you don't see your color, I likely haven't posted it.

Baby Shower

Pink or Blue. You choose or can you?

Black or White

Ying or Yang.

Portrait Backdrops

These backdrops are great for portrait work. Seamless without all the work.

Green Screen

Now you see me. Now you don't.

All the Pretty Colors

Bright Yellow. Red. Blue

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