Expand Your Brand

Expand Your Brand

Content is King! We get that creating great experiences will inspire guests to share, so that you can be the talk of the town. Whether its a huge themed event, launch party, or brand activation, we can help spread the gospel of you. Using high tech toys we can deliver beneficial data analytics, contact collection and much more.
The key to this whole thing is the specialist tracking and sharing software to make the biggest possible splash. Your guests can't help share this content.

Analytics and Social

Capture leads as guests use the booth and instantly share photos on each of our booths.


Put your logo all over this booth - signage, on booth and on all shareable data.

Custom Options

Design the booth as unique as your party. Custom props. Custom print templates. Even custom backdrops.

High Quality Images

We maintain the same quality standards you have when creating our experiences. Nothing but the best gear and highest caliber personnel.

Built on Social Sharing

Collect meaningful consumer data with these social and data capture stations. Let's talk about branded microsites or other custom solutions for mobile. These engaging platforms give users access to their photos and another point of engagement for your brand.

Brand Activations

Being from the ad world certainly helps navigating the challenging retail and brand launch market. We will help you create experiences that will encourage customers to share your content.

Red Carpet

Strut your stuff on the red carpet and get a print instantly. Oh, and you can instantly share it too.

Hashtag Printer

It’s simple. Guests use their own smartphones to take a photo. They make them look beautiful using the genius of filters, and then upload them to Instagram or Twitter using a unique event hashtag. Our Hashtag Printer will automatically detect and print out their photo, right there on the spot!

Green Screen Activations

Be anywere. Be anyone. Technology meets style at the Photo Emporium. Be on the cover of a magazine, or surf a shark in Maui.

Set Design

A photo experience is about the photo but really about the experience. Let us create an amazing set for your next photo booth experience.

Hank the Moose

Yes, that's a fully stuffed moose that you can ride and get a picture and an instant print. This is the perfect Alaskan experience.

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