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5 Reasons to Have a Photo booth at Your Wedding

Published: May 1, 2021

1. Ridiculous, Hilarious Fun!

A photo booth is instant fun. Not once in the hundreds of pictures we’ve taken has anyone been bored or sad.  As soon as guests see our photo booth a line forms and the fun begins.  The laughter and hilarity that ensues inside the photo booth is contagious.  Guests let their guard down and next thing you know, Aunt Suzie has a unicorn head spelling lots of rainbow magic.  Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, but pretty much everyone will take a session inside our photo booth.  Our photo booth has been the hit of every event we’ve been to, from babies to grandparents, everyone has fun.

2. The Perfect Guestbook.  

We bring a beautiful scrapbook along to every wedding to create a precious guestbook.  By the end of the evening the scrapbook is filled with photos and wonderful notes of congratulations and well wishes from family and friends.  For most of our brides this scrapbook completely replaces the standard guestbook.  You’ll have this memory filled book to look at forever.  Our photo booth prints out two photos, your guests keep one and the other goes in your scrapbook.

3. The Perfect Gift for your Guests.  

Our photos are instant refrigerator decoration. Your guests will take home a pocketful of photos and put them on display or even in frames.  Each package includes a custom photo strip graphic, tailored to your specifications, by our in-house graphic designer. For years your guests will find the photos in shoeboxes and remember how much fun it was to be at your wedding.

4. A Thousand Likes.

Our photo booth saves each photo taken as an individual file.  Within 24 hours you will receive a link with all of the photos – print templates and individual photos. These photos are yours to share on Facebook or make an awesome wedding thank you card.

5. Classy Gorgeous Decor.

Every part of your wedding should be beautiful and it shouldn’t stop with the photo booth. We aren’t the creepy black box in the corner – we provide stunning, decor enhancing photo booths that become an essential part of your decor. Whether it is a themed Harry Potter wedding or Rose Gold sequins, a photo booth can add class and fun function to your once in a lifetime party.