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Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Lit!

Your wedding ceremony is personal, vulnerable, emotional and intimate. Your very closest friends and family members are there and everyone weeps at how beautiful everyone looks.  The reception will also have its touching moments but let’s be honest – people attend receptions to party! Is everyone going to be talking about how lit your party […]

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5 Reasons to Have a Photo booth at Your Wedding

1. Ridiculous, Hilarious Fun! A photo booth is instant fun. Not once in the hundreds of pictures we’ve taken has anyone been bored or sad.  As soon as guests see our photo booth a line forms and the fun begins.  The laughter and hilarity that ensues inside the photo booth is contagious.  Guests let their guard […]

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Where Should I Put my Photo booth?

I used to run sound for bands and the guitarist never thought he was loud enough. In the same way, the photo booth can’t be too close to the action. True, it should not be on stage, but follow these simple rules to consider placing your photo booth. 1. Place it close to the action. […]

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Harry Potter Wedding & Photo booth

I love attending weddings with very creative people at very unique locations. Jaclyn took the opportunity to convert a glass palace (Forgot-Me-Not Nursery in Indian) into the land of wizards. She themed her wedding with Harry Potter. Every detail was considered including hanging candles, feather dress, Quidditch cup tassle streamers for her grand entrance, and a custom photo […]

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