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Pickup Booth - Self Setup Photo booth

"If there isn’t a photo booth at a party, it didn’t happen." We heard this recently from one of our clients. It’s tough to squeeze in the champagne wall and all the bonus features of an LA party into the budget. Here comes the Pickup booth. A budget friendly, ultra easy setup photo booth that will fit in your super cool party. This is a set up yourself, super rad photo booth. 

 You get the booth, props, backdrop, social sharing and custom template. Everything but the prints - think of how green you’ll be. 

 This is perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, small weddings and baby showers.

Built on Social

Guests can share their photos instantly via social media, text, or email. Photos are also automatically uploaded to a custom online gallery where they can be viewed, shared, or displayed as a live feed during your Anchorage, AK event.

Fun & Quality

The dimmable ring light draws people in and makes your photos look phenomenal. The selfie booth can also be used in portrait or landscape mode to create unique layouts.

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Photo booth Features

Photo Emporium

GIF Booth

Seamlessly animate your crazy and fun creations with brand colors and unique brand activations.

gif photo booth


Take the excitement here and back again with our selfie booth rental’s boomerang feature. Add this effect for instant shareable fun.

Built to Like

Instantly share to your Facebook or Instagram profile. Add custom hashtags and captions as well!

Built to Like
Classic Photo Booth Photos

Classic Photos

Nothing beats a great photo of friends. The Pickup booth is capable of traditional photos, boomerang, and GIF.

Trade Boring For Immortal

You can have a party that no one will forget. With photo fun services from the Photo Emporium your party will be the talk of the town.

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Have a party that no one will forget.