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Go ahead ask away. Keep Calm and Question On. There are no such thing as stupid questions.

“It is not only by the questions we have answered that progress may be measured, but also by those we are still asking.” -Freda Adlers.

“Question Everything!” -Albert Einstein

What is a photo emporium?
ANSWER: A backdrop, a box of the coolest props imaginable and a very clever photo taking machine – choose between Vintage, Chic White or Video Slo-Mo.
Do the images print instantly?
ANSWER: You betcha. It’s like Magic – printing in only 10 seconds.
How many people can you fit in these emporiums?
ANSWER: All of them. We don’t limit your creativity. Fifteen is a good number. I dare you to get 30.
Can we customize the prints?
ANSWER: Absolutely. Whatcha want? A watermark? A kiss?
Who takes the photos?
ANSWER: You control it. With a little touchscreen you have the power, my he-man.
Can we have our photos uploaded to facebook?
ANSWER: You sure want to be posted in that photo?! With a simple click, you can share your photographs online.
Will I be the talk of the town?
ANSWER: No doubt.

Photo Emporium VS Creepy Black Box

  Open Air Booth Creepy Black Box
Custom Theming Yes! Fit your style anywhere. No: Well, they can put your name in B/W.
Fits 15 people Yes! Sometimes More No: Good luck squeezing more than 3
Digital Files Yes! Quick and Easy link, to share all the fun. No: CDs are so 2008
Prop Kit Yes! Always included & load of laughs to follow. No: You will have to pay for that too.
All inclusive pricing Yes! Get everything all the time No: They start low but end up more expensive.
Open Air Style Yes! Our Booth is inclusive; letting everyone see and experience the fun No: Exclusive style. Fun for two but not for you.
Unlimited Prints Yes! 2 or 20, everyone gets their own print No: Only 2 copies, or you pay more
Quick and Easy Yes! We are photo booth ninjas, setting up in only 20 minutes. No: 600lbs of equipment (I think that says it all)
Boothie Yes! We attend every event to make it flawless No: Good luck if there is a problem, and there is always a problem.
Social Kiosk Yes! Send it off to the internets. No: 1995 called and wants their photo booth back