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Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Lit!

Published: June 1, 2021

Your wedding ceremony is personal, vulnerable, emotional and intimate. Your very closest friends and family members are there and everyone weeps at how beautiful everyone looks.  The reception will also have its touching moments but let’s be honest – people attend receptions to party! Is everyone going to be talking about how lit your party is, or will they start planning the after party?  There is a way so that everyone will have the time of their life. The hours just fly by and before you know it, the venue is closing and people talk about the party all the way home. 

A lit reception – that’s the goal. Here are our Top 5 ways to make a Reception Lit.

Beautiful decor:
Your venue should feel like somewhere you want to spend a significant amount of time. You should have nice décor that makes people feel beautiful and high-class. People have a good time when they feel good. The Photo Emporium has a range of backdrops to match your wedding theme and if you can’t find one to fit, we can have a backdrop custom made for your wedding! Our goal is for the photo booth to be as beautiful as the rest of your wedding décor.

Ice breaker:
Your wedding party has probably had a chance to get to know one another but what about the rest of the guests? You’ve got two families and lots of friend groups all in a room together, now what? A great way to loosen everyone up (besides an open bar) is a photo booth! People need permission to be silly sometimes. Our booth hosts specialize in bringing people out of their shells. 

Photo booths get more and more fun as the night goes on. We provide themed props and unlike posed photos, this isn’t a one-time experience. Your guests will go back over and over, keeping them entertained from start to finish! 

People love to walk away with something they can hold. Our photo booths not only have text and email capability – they print your photos right then and there. What is even better than sending your guests home with handfuls of photos? Sending you home with a guest book full of notes from your loved ones alongside their photos from the night. Our booth host will make sure photos are printed twice so your guests can leave a copy for you in the book and take a copy home.

Stories to Remember:
Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. You and your guests will look back on it for years to come and remember the beautiful speeches, the outfits of course and all the sweet and funny things that happened throughout the day. Having photos to look back on will make those memories and stories that much more vivid and special.

Don’t put your guests to sleep. Book a photo booth! Call Chelsea at 907.302.8171 or email Chelsea at