Themed Booths

The photo booth is more than just capturing pretty pictures, it is entertainment. Add some flavor to your event and match your booth with the theme. Don't see your theme listed here, we can create it for you.

80s Booth

Let's go old school with this 80s themed photo booth. Complete with boom box, rubix cubes and Hulk Hogan.

Glam Booth

Nothing makes you look better than this style of booth. Kim Kardashian would be proud of all the glam.

Alaska Booth

Choose between a bear or moose backdrop. We also have a full stock of Alaskan props - bomber hats, bear hats, gold mining utensils, and more!

Mugshot Booth

Take your prohibition party to the next level with this Mugshot Booth. Complete with fun mugshot signs.

Gatsby Booth

This makes for the perfect New Years Eve booth or addition to your Gala. Props include cool vintage hats, tons of beads, and . 'Aww, applesauce, this is the real jam.'

Seahawks Booth

Be True to the Blue with this booth. Toss around the pigskin and have some fun. Complete with green and blue and pom poms.

Holiday Booths

Check out the dozens of backdrops and props that you can use for your perfect Holiday party.

Lumberjack Special

Buffalo Plaid, a pile of flapjacks and built rugged tough. This backdrop set is perfect for the burly and graceful.

90s Booth

Add a decade and you are smack in the middle of the nineties. Pull out your gameboy, mixtape and mc hammer pants. Let's party!

Star Wars

The Fourth is with you my friends. We have light sabers, cool backdrops and even a mini BB8.

Star Wars - Red Carpet and Slo Mo

You can't get enough of Star Wars. We also can set you up with a Star Wars Red Carpet and Star Wars Slow Motion Video Booth. Darth Vader and Yoda would be quite proud.

The Life Aquatic

Join Steve Zissou in his search for the jaguar shark. This Wes Anderson inspired booth is great for themed birthday parties or just an awesome gala.

Total Foodies

This is the 'sweetest' booth around. A whole flurry of delicious props and choice of macaroon or cupcake wall. Dessert first!

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